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Delivery Method

Inspection and receipt

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1. Instructions for signing and inspection: 1. The goods must be signed for by yourself. 2. Due to the special nature of the goods sold on the website, when the goods are delivered to your door by express delivery, you need to sign for them before unpacking them for inspection. 3. When the courier comes to deliver the goods, please check whether the outer packaging of the goods is damaged. If the above situation occurs, please do not open the package and contact the mall customer service in time. 4. When the outer packaging of the goods is intact, the courier will cooperate with you to open the packaging and inspect the goods (please be careful when opening the package to prevent sharp objects from damaging the goods in the package). 5. After the package is opened, if the product has damaged packaging, wrong product delivery, insufficient product delivery, product surface quality problems, etc., please sign for the product first, and contact the mall customer service on the spot to explain the situation and provide physical photos of the product for processing. Return procedures: Products do not support in-person returns. 6. For cash on delivery orders, you need to pay the price first and then inspect the goods. 7. According to relevant legal provisions, we have the right not to deal with any subsequent after-sales problems arising from your failure to sign for inspection. 2. Inspection content: Including products and accessories, product quantity, delivery list, invoice (if any), three-guarantee voucher (if any), etc.