Delivery Method Website announcement
Delivery range and time
release date:2019-12-16 17:29
1. Ordinary express delivery/cash on delivery Express company delivery range delivery time DHL Global Estimated delivery within 3-5 days after shipment Fedex Global is expected to arrive within 5-7 days after shipment. EMS or other nationwide delivery is expected to take 3-5 days after shipment SF Express is subject to the delivery range of SF Express official website. It is expected to be delivered within 48 hours after shipment. ​ *Warm reminder: 1. We prefer DHL International Express to deliver your items. If DHL cannot reach your area, other express delivery will be used instead. 2. For cash on delivery orders, we will charge you 2% for commodity insurance. 2. Butler Logistics For customers who choose this method, we will arrange a mall logistics manager to deliver the goods to you. Delivery range Delivery time Only for areas within the Fifth Ring Road of Beijing. Delivery is expected to take 1-2 days after shipment. *Warm reminder: 1. If the actual cash payment amount of the order is more than 2,000 yuan, and if it is within the Fifth Ring Road of Beijing, you can choose Guanjia Logistics for delivery. 2. Guanjia Logistics only supports online payment or credit card payment at the POS machine when goods arrive.