Delivery Method Website announcement
Shipping policy
release date:2019-12-16 13:45
1. Delivery policy 1. Cash on delivery customers will be charged an additional 2% product insurance fee. Please refer to the relevant instructions for delivery range and time for details. 2. Customers who come to the store to pick up their products need to pay a 20% reservation deposit and 80% of the balance after arriving at the store. Please refer to the relevant instructions for delivery range and time for details. 3. For overseas product delivery requirements, please refer to the shopping instructions of each overseas station. 2. Other matters needing attention 1. About receiving information 1) Please fill in the Chinese name of the recipient. If you use a non-Chinese name, please make sure it is completely consistent with the ID card or passport to ensure that your package can be delivered accurately. 2) Please fill in the detailed address for the shipping address to avoid being unable to receive the goods on time due to unknown addresses. 3) Universal does not assume any responsibility if the package is undeliverable or lost due to incorrect recipient information. 2.About delivery 1) Universal will confirm the order after verifying that the goods you ordered, mailing address, payment and other information are correct. The order will be shipped to you as soon as possible after the order is confirmed. 2) Delivery time: When you order, the product details page has an estimated delivery time for your reference. 3) When the package is shipped, we will notify you by text message of the order number, name of the shipping logistics company, package tracking number, etc. Please save it for verification when receiving the goods. 4) After the package is sent, you can check the status of the package in transit through the "Logistics Tracking" function in the order information in your account.