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Consumer Notice
release date:2019-12-16 13:25
Consumer Notice Dear Customer: Hello: In order to help you better choose overseas products, UNiBUY Mall requires you to carefully read and fully understand the entire contents of this notice before purchasing, make an objective judgment on your own risk exposure, and agree to the contents of this notice before purchasing. Place an order to purchase: 1. The overseas products you purchase on the UNiBUY mall website are equivalent to overseas purchases. Therefore, the products themselves may not have Chinese labels. You can check the Chinese translation of relevant product labels on the Global Mall website or contact customer service for product details. 2. According to relevant laws and policies, the overseas products you purchase are only for personal use and may not be resold. 3. The overseas products you purchase comply with the relevant quality, health, and labeling standards of the country of origin, which may be different from our domestic product standards. The mall website is not responsible for any harm, loss, or other risks that may result from this. 4. If the overseas products you purchase are uncontrollable or unpredictable by the UNiBUY mall website, they may be out of stock. If the mall still fails to solve the out-of-stock problem within 15 days after your payment, you can contact customer service to cancel the order. 5. UNiBUY Mall has the right to monitor abnormal transactions (including but not limited to repeated large orders from the same buyer, the same payment account, the same delivery address, the same delivery phone number, etc. within a short period of time) and take corresponding measures (including but not limited to Limited to canceling orders, stopping shipments, etc.) to be controlled. 6. The overseas goods you purchase are subject to customs declaration. It is inevitable that customs clearance will not be possible or the customs clearance time will be long. Please be aware and understand. UNiBUY Mall brings you the beauty of the world! Thanks! UNiBUY Mall