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company culture We advocate a culture of Internet openness, sharing, innovation, and growth, and a simple and humane working atmosphere. We deeply hate the negative workplace culture of rigidity, bureaucracy, and fighting. Those who emphasize self-motivation, strong sense of responsibility, and lack of self-control will be persuaded to leave, and those who remain must be fully trusted. Guided management style, focusing on communication, cooperation and growth. There is no prejudice against academic qualifications and qualifications. As long as you are a smart doer, you will surely stand out. What can you get by joining us? A leading company in cross-border e-commerce, a place to help you realize your career dreams. Work with industry leaders. We have senior technical experts here to help you become the next Internet giant. What you pay for is not only salary, but also a fair salary return. All employees hold stock options and will get their first pot of gold in life. Open and bright working environment, happy and simple working atmosphere. Career needs ● Operation & Marketing ● Brand & PR category ● R&D & Products ● Resource configuration class ● Customer support