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After-sales policy
release date:2019-12-16 17:30
return policy 1. Service Commitment For products sold in the mall, we provide you with a 7-day return guarantee (some products may be in the mall or mobile stores, except for those that have been physically picked up. For details, please see the details of each product). Considering the nature of luxury goods on this site, most items only have one item, so exchanges are not currently supported. 2. General rules for returns 1. Return instructions: 1) Make a return request within 7 days from the day after the product is signed for. 2) The product has not been used and is in its original condition. 3) All accessories and information attached to the product (such as product identification, packaging, hangtags, three-pack cards, instructions, invoices, gifts, accessories, identification certificates, etc.) are complete. 4) Watches, gold, jewelry, fixed-price products, and products marked "This product does not support returns or exchanges if there is no quality problem" will not be returned if there is no quality problem. 5) For set products or combined sales products, we cannot handle the return of some products for you. 6) Auction products will not be returned once sold without quality problems. 7) For the return policy of global shopping products, please refer to the shopping instructions of each overseas site. 2. Products will be deemed unable to be returned or exchanged if: 1) The product loss prevention tag is deformed, damaged, broken, etc. and is different from the original appearance when it leaves the warehouse. 2) Product identification, packaging, hangtags, three-pack cards, instructions, invoices, gifts, accessories, etc. are missing. 3) Any quality problems of the product caused by improper use and improper storage. 4) The product has been used, washed, stained, damaged, etc. 5) Product quality problems caused by unauthorized maintenance, misuse, collision, neglect, abuse, liquid intrusion, accidents, modifications, incorrect installation, or tearing or altering labels, machine serial numbers, and anti-counterfeiting marks. 6) Wear and tear caused by use. 7) Out-of-warranty products (products that exceed the three-warranty period). 3. Warm reminder: 1) If the order status is displayed as "shipped" or "signed for receipt", you can apply for a return by yourself. 2) If no after-sales application is made within 7 days, the order will automatically become completed and we will no longer accept your return application at this time. 3) If the mall does not receive the return package within two weeks from the date of acceptance of the return application, the after-sales application will be automatically canceled and the order status will automatically be changed to completed. 4) If you apply for a return without the consent of customer service and send the goods directly back to the website, the website will not be responsible for storage, re-delivery, or refund. The website has the right to dispose of the stranded goods when necessary. 5) Pictures and information are for reference only and do not constitute quality issues. Due to problems such as shooting lighting and color differences on different monitors, there may be color differences between the product pictures and the actual product. The actual product shall prevail. 6) The shipping cost for the return will be borne by the customer if it is due to customer reasons. If the product itself has quality and workmanship problems, you can call customer service to apply for reimbursement of shipping costs after passing the quality inspection. 7) In order to protect the interests of consumers, we will put mall labels on some high-value goods. After receiving the goods, carefully inspect them and dismantle them if there are no problems. Otherwise, we will not be able to handle returns for you. 8) It is not a special product. Special products: such as cosmetics, intimate clothing, jewelry, watches, gold jewelry, gifts, etc., if there is no quality problem, no returns will be issued. 9) Gifts cannot be returned individually 3. Return details watch bag Jewelry, gold jewelry apparel Beauty and personal care home life Mother and baby, toys digital product Domestic services Luxury car supplies ​